Jen Tidwell




Jen began appearing in radio dramas and commercials as a child. Their professional training was focused in classical acting technique, voice, speech as well as dramatic prose interpretation and cold reading. Jen’s voice has appeared in ad spots for Pepsi-Cola, Lucky’s Supermarkets and a number of radio ads for regional businesses.

Jen is also an accomplished live event moderator. With their extensive background in improvisational theater and pop culture knowledge, Jen is the ideal person to moderate your convention panel. Their most notable panel to date is the wildly popular “Newlywed Game” panel at the Earper Homestead Convention in 2019. They have also moderated for professional corporate events and online media conventions.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jen continues to work as a freelance voice actor and event moderator.

“I’d give Jen more than five stars.”

— Sharon K. Angelici

Jen brings out the voices of the characters and action so flawlessly that you’re immediately immersed in the work. The life and energy that Jen brings to their narration is truly unique. Great character voices and pacing that keeps the audience interested. – M.B. Guel, Award-Winning Author of Queerleaders and Internet Famous

"[Jen] leaves the reader feeling completely satisfied in the end." - M.B. Guel


I've worked with Jen on two audiobooks and I'd definitely recommend them! They were very professional and open to feedback and I loved the final outcome of both projects! They do an array of voices and accents and they really brought my books to life! Luc Dreamer, Author of The Heart Series

What a superstar Jen is! As an indie author I wanted the right person to voice my first-person series. Jen came through and brought the main character to life. They are an absolute dream to work with, professional and returns top-notch ready to publish files. Brilliant sound quality and the end results never disappoint. I’d give Jen more than five stars. Sharon K. Angelici, Author of The Maker Series

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Jen Tidwell at Earper Homestead Convention Canada in 2018 and 2019. Jen was the moderator for the Fan Fiction panel both years and they hosted the Newlyweds Game panel in 2019 - the latter of which turned out to be the most popular panel (a full house of attendees and over 102K views on YouTube as of May, 2020). Leading into every panel, Jen coordinated with the guests and the convention organizers to ensure that everything would run smoothly. During the panels, Jen was engaging with all those in attendance, and they did a great job facilitating discussion. It was a delight to work with Jen, as they were organized, competent, and dependable. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Bonnie Chi, Chairperson of EH Con Canada

Panels can be anxiety provoking, especially for new panelists, but Jen’s intelligent questions, open personality, and effortless control make her, in my opinion, the triple threat of what she does. As a moderator, she toes the line between panel participant and friendly guide. ...she knows when to ask the tough questions and how to encourage further discussion without ever being intrusive. She exudes confidence and warmth – the audience is her friend and her classroom. Basically, Jen knows what she’s doing and we’re all the better for it! Dr. Lauren Chochinov, PhD

Jen was attuned to us as panelists, structuring the discussion and flow to make sure we all got a chance to express ourselves while still ensuring we stayed on course. Jen is quick witted, kind and endlessly able to make even the most anxious panelist feel both comfortable and seen, bringing out the best in us. ... I felt encouraged and supported to be vulnerable about their questions. [The experience was] driven by Jen's vibrancy as a host & her attention to each detail. I'd be on another of her panels in a heartbeat. D.P. Brown

“You have so much power

behind your vocals.”